Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions...

A marketing app that directly improves conversions, SEO and ROI. Track all of your conversions in 1 place, makes marketing life easier, and greatly enhances your conversion rate.

This App will save you time and money by making conversion tracking and optimization faster and easier. Instead of using 5 different software/plugins, you can manage all of your clients conversion in 1 place.

The client reports will help your clients see the total value your marketing is creating and directly improve their ROI. 

4 direct ways this App increases conversions and improves conversion rate:

1) 3 lines of code installs in minutes and significantly speeds up your website and landging pages. For every 1/10th of a second of page load, your abandonment and bounce rate increase. This is a huge boost for SEO as well as 1 App replaces 5 others to provide essential lead capture functions. 

2) Providing clients with more options to connect with and communicate with clients increases conversion volume. It has been proven that companies with the best sales funnels will have call tracking, web forms, web chat, call request, and text messaging generate the most conversions and sales.

3) Click fraud detection, IP blocking, and robocall blocking to get rid of the junk and spam that clog up the inbox and waste time. 

4) Connects with Google Analytics to and your ad campaigns to optimize bidding, budgets, and ads

Yes you will can add your brand details and have a unique whitelable login to provide to your clients. 

You can add clients and users to login and access their conversion data 24/7. 

Yes we have the option to build custom reports based on your specific needs. There are also default reports already provided. 

You can build the reports yourself or have our agency support team build them for you. 

99% of the time setup takes less than an hour and you can start using all the tools right away. 

Our agency support team will help guide you through setup and even help install the tracking code.  

Training is provided at no additional cost and you can always contact support for help as needed.  We are located in the US and you will never be transferred overseas.

There is a total of 3 lines of code for complete integration and normally takes less than 15 minutes.

To install, it requires 1 change to the header code, 1 script for forms and another script for phone tracking. 

Once the code installed and tested, you would only update or change if you created a new website. 

Our agency support team can walk you through the process step by step or do it completely for you.

The marketing app directly improves SEO by making your website and pages load faster. The faster the site, the better your rankings.

In addition, we have created specific reports that give you specific recommendations to improve SEO rankings, improve content, and make a better user experience.

When you improve the customers experience and reduce bounce, and raise your Click through rate, you will see additional gains for organic rankings. 

This tool was designed by SEO experts and has been proven to work on 1,000’s of websites since 2013.